Paul Sheets

Director of Video Operations


Meet Paul Sheets, Director of Video Production at LKLG. With a remarkable background in mass communications and a passion for visual storytelling, Paul's journey has taken him on a dynamic career path.

Paul's journey began over two decades ago when he joined the Navy as a Mass Communications Specialist. During his eight years of service, he served in various roles, including aerial reconnaissance technician, photographer, broadcast journalist, and public affairs officer. His exceptional skills and dedication earned him the opportunity to be assigned to a fighter squadron in Atsugi, Japan, where he traveled the world on three different aircraft carriers, capturing compelling images from the flight deck and flight line.

Eager to take on new challenges, Paul's career path merged with journalism, leading him to work as a producer at the American Forces Network (AFN) in Naples, Italy. Over the next two years, he showcased his versatility as a field reporter, producer, TV anchor, and radio DJ. Paul conducted over 500 interviews, including with high-ranking military personnel, and hosted a live four-hour afternoon radio show five days a week, demonstrating his expertise in multimedia journalism.

After his distinguished service in the Navy, Paul transitioned into the realm of academia, sharing his expertise as a professor of mass media and digital audio/visual broadcast journalism. His role involved instructing new students in the digital age of mass media and guiding seniors through the planning, logistics, and execution of their senior portfolio projects and television news packages. As a passionate educator, Paul has been instrumental in shaping the next generation of media professionals.

Paul's academic journey aligns with his extensive hands-on experience, as he holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of California Los Angeles, where he specialized in cinematography and documentary filmmaking. Moreover, he completed additional education in photography at the Defense Information School, Department of Defense, Ft Meade, MD, solidifying his expertise in visual communication.