Rory Stevens - Associate Attorney at Lawrence Kahn Law Group

Rory Stevens



Meet Rory, a Seattle native whose journey from aspiring actor to accomplished attorney is nothing short of remarkable. Growing up in Seattle, the idea of becoming a lawyer was far from Rory's mind. Instead, after finishing high school in Sheridan, Oregon, he set his sights on Los Angeles, pursuing his dreams of making it big in the acting world. For five years, Rory immersed himself in acting classes, took on background roles, and secured various film production and editing work.

However, life had other plans for Rory. After this exciting chapter in Los Angeles, he found himself drawn back to his family. With a newfound passion for web design and interactive media, Rory enrolled at the Art Institute of Seattle to pursue a bachelor's degree in this field.

One life-changing event that would set the course for Rory's future was when he found himself sitting on a jury during a break between school quarters. In that very courtroom, he witnessed the legal skills of Lawrence Kahn. Inspired by this experience and fueled by the desire to make a difference, Rory made the decision to attend law school after completing his bachelor's degree.

Determined to excel in his pursuit of a legal career, Rory devoted countless hours to prepare for the LSAT. His hard work paid off when he received acceptance to the Seattle University School of Law. During his time in law school, Rory reached out to Lawrence, who recognized his potential and hired him as a law clerk at LKLG.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and protests in 2020, Rory remained steadfast in his pursuit of becoming an attorney. He decided to sit for the bar exam and successfully passed both the 2020 Washington State bar exam and the California bar exam six months later.

After two years as a solo practitioner, Rory embraced the opportunity to return to LKLG, this time as an associate attorney. The firm provided an excellent platform for Rory to learn from the best in the legal field and further develop his expertise.

Outside of the legal realm, Rory leads a fulfilling life in West Seattle. An ardent fitness enthusiast, he dedicates time to the gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, Rory finds joy and expression through his love for music, as he enjoys singing and playing the piano. Additionally, he cherishes moments of relaxation and escapism by diving into books and video games.