Zviad Ubilava - Personal Injury Attorney

Zviad Ubilava

Research Analyst


Meet Zviad Ubilava. Zviad is an accomplished attorney with a diverse background in both civil law and international relations. He holds a Master’s Degree in Law with Honors from the National University "Odesa Law Academy" in Odesa, Ukraine.

Zviad has garnered extensive work experience, having served as a research analyst at LKLG for over three years, where he analyzes complex data and assists other attorneys in resolving high-value personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and other cases that the firm might try.

Prior to this position, Zviad worked in IT sphere, providing his services to various clients in the videogaming industry. With a successful entrepreneurial background and firsthand experience in business operations, he understands the integration of innovation and a solid legal framework.

Passionate about the legal profession, Zviad is driven to expand his knowledge and skills. He is currently pursuing an LLM degree at the University of Washington School of Law with the aim of being admitted to the Washington State Bar. Zviad has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion and chose UW School of Law for its academic excellence and reputation. His motivation, practical experience, and dedication to the field makes him an excellent candidate to contribute to the legal community.

Beyond his legal career, Zviad has a keen interest in computer technologies, financial markets, and derivatives. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, reading, and collecting vinyl records.